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157 Million Negotiable

South Jakarta

Poins Auto Gallery
  • 260,440 Km

HARGA jual berlaku, serta NEGO untuk Pembelian CASH/ bisa juga TUKAR-TAMBAH dengan Unit Mobil Lain. "Tidak Ada Jebakan Harga". Langsung Liat Aja Unit Mobilnya di- BURSA MOBIL Plaza Blok M jl. Bul...

750 Million Negotiable


  • 2 Km

This Used black Chrysler 300C 2016 is for sale at Agen Tele Emmanuel. This dealer is located at Balikpapan Kota. The interior features include Driver Airbag,Passenger Airbag,Side Airbags,Air Co...

750 Million Negotiable


Santoso ObedNego
  • 30,000 Km

Chrysler 300C 300c 2013 simpanan warna Hitam ini merupakan tawaran menarik dengan harga hanya Rp 750000000. Kendaraan ini datang dilengkapi dengan sistem transmisi Otomatis dan juga mempertimbang...

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Chrysler, The Prestige of Presidential Car

New Chrsyler Car

CHRYSLER reputation in Indonesia from time to time already proven to be the best. From historical point of view, Chrsyler always ready for president transportation uses. Indonesian first president Soekarno and General Soedirman wrote on history book had used Chrsyler Windsor and Imperial.

Starts with Windsor

At the first time, Chrysler Windsor been used by General Soedirman in 1947 and one year after that Windsor brought into Jakarta. The Windsor also used by President Soekarno for attending Asia Africa Conference in Bandung 1955.

In 2010, mostly Chrysler sedan entering Indonesia market by general importer. Until Chrsyler have representative in Indonesia and continuing their legacy in automotive industry. With that kind of reputation, most car consumer choose Chrysler as their dream car.

But just shame in Indonesia, Chrysler only have one variant, that is 300C. With the price tag among Rp1 trillion, Chrysler cars enthusiast also have to be patience, because import quota to bring this car from Detroit into Indonesia.

For rival Germany's Audi A6 and BMW 5 Series, 300C is outlandish in every respect. Quite simply, but it's too big for the Indonesia roads. However it does have a brash stateside charm. Indeed, the 300C has a unique position in the executive sector.

Chrsyler Car Indonesia

Aiming Exclusive Impression

As an America auto brand which identical with big engine and costly fuel consumption, Chrysler tries to overcome that image with less unit in the market, so exclusive owner's image for their cars can be created. That strategy must apply in every Chrsyler cars because the hard competition with other premium brands like Mercedes Benz, BMW andAudi.

Chsyler wants to make car owner feel like a president or important people when driving in Chrsyler car.

This is a fine vehicle that can bring enjoyed in driving. If you're in this price range, Chysler has a nice balance of performance and luxury, and much higher reliability than most of its competitors.