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Ford Attempt to Change Negative Image of American Cars

Ford Cars Indonesia

HISTORY Ford in Indonesia closely known with one model of their car called the Ford Laser. Although known as an operational car for a taxi, but Ford's reputation in Indonesia lifted by the toughness of the car.

Starting with the Taxi

In 1989, Jakarta's streets crowded with the presence of the Ford Laser. At that time, Ford only has two product lines the Laser and Telstar which were imported in the form of completely knock down parts (CKD). Although the United States brand, Ford Laser and Telstar were imported from Japan and assembled in Indonesia.

Now the two variants of the old Ford is still much sought after in the used car market. Besides searched for retro car lovers collection needs, the Ford Laser spare parts are also easily found. With that condition, the price range of used Ford cars in Jakarta reached Rp10 - 15 million.

Subsequently in 2002, Ford began adding more and more serious variant of the car and explore the Indonesian automotive market by presenting the Ford Ranger and Ford Everest. Until now, Ford already has 4 variants for all car segments in Indonesia.

Ford Cars for Sale

As for class sport utility vehicle (SUV), there is also the Ford Ranger and Ford Everest. Then for Ford Focus hatchback class consist by Ford Fiesta. The strategy giving Indonesia’s market with little variance, because the brand from the United States is still overshadowed by the cars the Japanese manufacture.

Ford used to be dominant eastern Indonesia as a vehicle for mining purposes such as in Kalimantan and Papua. As for Jakarta, the market share of Ford Fiesta was able to capture the attention of consumers in the metropolis.

Improve Technologies

Previously car engines from Europe and the United States is famous for its wasteful of fuel, maintenance and spare parts are expensive. Now to answer the complaint that Ford EcoBoost three- cylinder delivering invention.

For the first time this engine used Ford Fiesta and other Ford variants according to the needs of the people of Indonesia. Fuel consumption is 1.0 L EcoBoost engine in the Ford factory test results Southeast Asia ie 18.9 km / liter. Speed ​​made ​​0-100 km/hour in only 11.4 seconds. And then with the top speed of 192 km/hour.

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