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Dazzling Kia as a Car from Korea

KIA Cars Indonesia

KIA cars in Indonesia originated from Timor brand platform. Kia logo is replaced with the logo the letter T. With the cheap price, this car be a favorite and widely circulated in the way of big cities such as Jakarta, Bandung to Surabaya.

So many Car Service

Kia transformation into an independent brand of car, apart from the national frills car, occurred in 1999. Their flagship product at that time was Kia Visto, and much more. But mostly Kia cars use by Indonesian authorities such as the military and government officials, such as the Kia Sportage and Kia Retona for military purposes. Now Kia brand developed into the most influential car brand from South Korea in Indonesia.

Since working with Peter Schreyer as Chief Design Officer Kia in 2005, Kia products becomes very attractive. Significant changes can be seen from the Kia Picanto and the Kia Sportage. Characteristics of the tiger nose grille is present in every new Kia cars.

More Competitive than the Japanese brands

KIA for sale

Now to compete with the Japanese manufacturer, Kia variants become multiply entered into all segments, ranging from the Sedan, City Car, Hatchback, SUV, and MPV. The results are also very good, because many Indonesian consumers choose a car from South Korean is Kia, rather than Hyundai.

About the price, Kia cars always gives more cheaper than Japanese car manufacturer. But about the quality and features, Kia car dares to give a car with more features at a competitive price compared to Japanese cars.

One disadvantage of this Kia car brand is the lack of after-sales facility in Indonesia. The development takes place slowly adding dealers. While other brands have stepped up to build a network of services for consumers.

In the segment of the used car market, Kia Picanto variant is still a favorite merchants and sellers of used cars. The greatness of fuel efficiency than other brands, making the target of a small car in the used car market in Jakarta and surrounding areas.

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