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Pursue Perfection with Lexus

Lexus Cars Indonesia

TO meet the demand for luxury vehicles (luxury product) in Indonesia, Lexus introduced himself to join in the national automotive industry competition. Headquartered in Lexus Gallery, Menteng, Jakarta, 4 variants namely the Lexus LS460L, GS300, IS300, and RX350 which emphasizes the concept of Luxury Experience are displayed.

Brief history about Lexus, this brand was first launched in North America in December 1989, the Lexus comes thanks to the initiative of the chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation, Eiji Toyoda. To develop a better luxury car and the best, Lexus management team takes over the 6 years of preparation involving 1,400 engineers, 450 prototypes, 27 million mile distance test drives as well as the investment of approximately 1 billion USD.

Philosophy L-Fitness

Lexus only takes 18 years to become a brand that is known throughout the world as the name representing the concept of contemporary luxury with the tagline, The Pursuit of Perfection. In terms of products Lexus cars like a work of art or a masterpiece is more than just a comfortable luxury vehicle performance excellence and equipped smart features to support the comfort and safety while driving.

Lexus Indonesia for sale

Following Lexus in the presence of the United States, Europe, Russia, Middle East, China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, South Africa and many other countries. With L-fitness philosophy adopted in the design of the Lexus line of vehicles makes this figure more contemporary, dynamic, combining simplicity and elegance. Sculpture fine clear line into identity with strong synergies in exterior and interior appearance.

Service Guarantee

All four models are introduced also equipped with supporting features like a built in comfort massanger (LS460L) and Mark Levinson audio devices (LS460L, GS300, IS300, and RX350) as well as a very comprehensive safety features such as Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (LS460L) and the air bag is reached 10 point installation to protect the driver and passengers.

Lexus also guarantee regular service package at no charge during the 5 year and 3 year warranty with no mileage limit. For those who demand perfection in all things, the Lexus should offer the Lexus ownership experience that is believed will create new standards in brand itself.