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250 Million Negotiable

Bekasi City

Fa03z1 Fa03z1
  • 34 Km

Mitsubishi Canter 110ps 6roda 2016 dr br ga jd kerja gress seperti baru 100% full ori km 34kilo cuma jalan dr dealer kegudang surat bok warna Kuning yang baru ini adalah kendaraan yang wajib Anda...

165 Million Negotiable

Sleman Regency

Dewi Oen
  • 5,000 Km

truk mitsubishi colt diesel dijual rugi,segera! -1unit truk dobel 6ban colt diesel mitsubishi th 2009 -bak besi tebal,bukaan bak 3sisi turbo intercooler ps110 -atas nama pribadi bukan bekas sitaa...

205 Million


thomas kurniawan
  • 30,000 Km

This Mitsubishi Colt diesel 136ps 2011 fe75 S.HD is a steal at just IDR 205000000. It has 30000km on the clock and comes with a Manual transmission system as well as other great features. You wi...

110 Million Negotiable

North Barito Regency

Rahmawati As
  • 50,000 Km

Mitsubishi Colt Diesel 2005 berwarna Kuning ini pastinya dapat terjual dengan cepat cukup dengan harga hanya Rp 110000000. Dengan sistem Manual transmisi dan kilometer yang baru hanya menyentuh a...

220 Million Negotiable

Purbalingga Regency

Adistia Kusuma
  • 1 Km

Mitsubishi telah memproduksi kendaraan berkualitas sejak lama dan yang satu ini tidak terkecuali. Mitsubishi Colt diesel fe71 110ps 2015 ini telah berjalan sejauh 1 KM dan menggunakan sistem tran...

125 Million Negotiable

East Jakarta

Pemuda Mas Motor
  • 200,000 Km

Mitsubishi Colt FE 71 MT 2007 berwarna Kuning ini memiliki nilai yang luar biasa dengan harga hanya Rp 125000000. Kendaraan ini memiliki sistem transmisi Manual dan sudah berjalan sejauh 200000 ...

310.7 Million Negotiable

East Jakarta

Fadil Mitsubishi
  • New

Promo Dahsyatt!!Colt diesel 74 hd 6 ban, Hub Saya dengan klik gagang telpon untuk menampilkan nomor saya

156 Million Drive Away

West Jakarta

Daniel338168 Daniel338168
  • 92,000 Km

Mitsubishi Colt Mitsubishi CANTER FE 74 Bak Central 125 PS 6 ban 2008 2008 warna Kuning ini merupakan tawaran menarik dengan harga hanya Rp 156000000. Kendaraan ini datang dilengkapi dengan sist...

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Triumphed in Passenger Cars and Commercial

Mitsubishi Cars Indonesia

ORIENTATION automotive customers in Indonesia over the past few decades barely shifted. At least until today. They still love the big car that can carry many passengers. Although in some big city traffic jams became increasingly, but then the multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) car type remains to be excellent in sales, rather than a small car (city car) which is actually more agile penetrate dense city traffic.

Realize with that condition, Mitsubishi is focusing to capture market share in the passenger car category. Through some type passanger cars such as the Mitsubishi Galant, Lancer, L200 Strada, Kuda, Grandis, Triton, Mirage and Pajero. For the Indonesian market, Mirage and Pajero variants became a consumer favorite car, a used car for the price range of this variant please check the site Carmudi Indonesia.

By carrying out the image , the spirit of the product for the dynamic people, the type of passanger vehicles from Mitsubishi featuring exclusive impression, strong, graceful, and tough. It was to show that Mitsubishi is also not inferior to brands other Japanese cars, especially Honda, Nissan, Suzuki, and Toyota dominate the car market in this country.

Famous Through Fuso and Colt

In addition to passenger cars, Mitsubishi is also famous for its top quality commercial vehicles, Mitsubishi Fuso become a mainstay trust brand for business consumers in Indonesia. Mitsubishi trucks reliability has been well-known and proven since 1970, where the commercial vehicle with two models of Mitsubishi Colt Diesel vehicles and Fuso is capable of being the market leader in the commercial vehicle segment for more than 40 years.

Mitsubishi for sale

Mitsubishi commercial vehicle trade mark has become very well known people in Indonesia for more than four decades. In Indonesia Mitsubishi famous commercial models called Kol which is the original name of the Colt T100.

Not only that, when faced with the problem of the depletion of oil reserves, the factory car was searching for a vehicle that can be driven by alternative energy sources. That also happen for manufacturer Mitsubishi which is trying to develop electrical energy in a vehicle.

Develop Electric Cars

However, unlike electric cars that have been sold in the market, Mitsubishi is researching the possibility of using an electric motor for each wheel in their cars. This is done so that the acceleration and power an electric car is not much different from a conventional engine vehicles.

That why project Mitsubishi MIEV (Mitsubishi In-Wheel motor Electric Vehicle) was launched in 2006 in Japan. As electric vehicles that use batteries, MIEV of course free of residual gases and keep the enviroment clean.