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180 Million Negotiable

West Bandung Regency

Ben_karlov Ben_karlov
  • 32,000 Km

Renault Duster 1.5 DCI RxL Pemilik langsung, tangan ke-1 Pembelian pada 2014 Hemat BBM Body & interior kondisi baik & terawat, dg peredam suara & panas tambahan Mesin sangat baik, selalu mengguna...

100 Million Negotiable


Radjawali Motor Surabaya
  • 2 Km

This Used Black Renault Megane 2004 is for sale at Radjawali Motor Surabaya. This dealer is located at Jl. Barata Jaya Xix, Baratajaya, Gubeng, Kota Sby, Jawa Timur 60284. The interior features...

58 Million Negotiable

South Tangerang

Dekdekn Dekdekn
  • 102,000 Km

Body Mulus, Original standard.. atas nama sendiri pajak masih panjang service record Bengkel Resmi Renault, Ban kondisi 90%.Kendaraan ini dijual di Carmudi dengan harga yang bersaing dan kondisi...

50 Million Negotiable


  • 85,000 Km

Mobil Eropah, Nyaman, Safety Mesin, AC Dingin, Kaki2 enak, tinggal gas gan ...Kendaraan ini dijual di Carmudi dengan harga yang bersaing dan kondisi yang berkualitas. Hubungi langsung penjual...

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No Eager to Compete with Japanese Brands

Renault Cars Indonesia

AFTER vacuum in Indonesia automotive business, Renault finally back. Cars that had colored highway Indonesia in the 1980s, now appear with a variety of options ranging from sedans, SUVs and crossovers. Renault formerly only known for compact cars such as the Renault 5, 12, 18, and also the Renault 21 TL.

Renault cooperation with local automotive actors are actually Indomobil group. Beginning in 2001, at the time, Renault entrust the marketing and sales of Renault brands to Indomobil Indonesia.

Fill Three Segments

Now Renault has returned to entrust Indomobil to assemble the car in Indonesia. French car manufacturer, Renault, entering the Indonesian automotive market by bringing the cars as the opener of the three segments, segment SUV with Duster, Koleos for crossover and in the premium segment, Megan RS sedan.

For Duster, this SUV is the best selling in Europe. Even referred to as the best-selling model of Renault. This car is priced about Rp250 million in Indonesia and has been equipped with engine K9 which is considered a benchmark in its class for engine performance and fuel efficiency.

Renault will lay a strong foundation for future growth by first introducing Duster. Duster is the spearhead of the Group’s international development and an iconic model that will give high visibility to the brand. Duster is the number one model of the Renault Group in 2013 and winner of numerous awards around the world.

Because Renault now also holds a Japanese automotive brands are Nissan, Renault's presence in Indonesia deliberately did not come with the intention to compete with Japanese cars that already dominate 90% market four wheel Indonesia. Renault wants to increase domestic consumer option and become the leading European manufacturers in this country.

Renault Cars for sale

Green Commitment

Renault's presence back in Indonesia will ensure the alliance's commitment to the Indonesian market. Renault also look forward to welcoming back in Indonesia, they can add vibrant automotive market, especially for European brands in circulation here.

One of the selling points that try to offer Renault for the Indonesian market is the level of environmental friendliness Renault cars with exhaust emissions that claimed at least with estimates of 115 g/km.

In the future, Renault will launch special models according to the needs of the local Indonesian market and also assembled locally. For business dealers, Renault also improve seriously. Not only for cities like Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya. But also for the entire city in Indonesia.