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Toyota Kaizen spirit to Keep Innovating

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In addition to its product reliability, the philosophy of Toyota doing their business with the Toyota Way. Since 2001, Toyota applying the principles of the Toyota Way and implement into all over operational business network of Toyota in various parts of the world.

There are two terms that best known globally, Kaizen and Genchi Genbutsu. Kaizen is a passion for continuous improving business operations, always encouraging innovation and do revolution in every method of work. The final principle requires that Toyota be a learning organization, continually reflecting on its practices and striving for improvement.

Avanza still Mainstay

Then Genbutsu Genchi which means spirit or desire to make the right decisions, quickly on any problems encountered it without delay. In that spirit, Toyota has always tried to bring the best to its customers, therefore, Toyota has never stopped doing Kaizen in all aspects, including the development of technology and the environment.

It was seen in the Toyota lineup, including Astra Toyota Agya, Etios Valco, Avanza, Fortuner, NAV1, Vios, Camry HV, Innova, Alphard, Rush, Hilux, 86, and Prius. Meanwhile, in the commercial class, Toyota have Dyna and Hiace.

And speaking of Toyota in Indonesia, certainly related with their legendary model that is Toyota Kijang. This model has more than 30 years entering in Indonesia automotive market. Since it was first launched in 1977, Toyota is specifically designed Kijang to meet the needs and characteristics of Indonesian society. After Toyota Kijang domination in MPV segment, now in the MPV segment, the backbone of Toyota's sales come from the Toyota Avanza.

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Customers for Life

To continue to maintain consumers using Avanza, Toyota has a special event called Avanzanation. This event is an annual event held by Toyota since 2008 as a form of appreciation to the owner of the Toyota Avanza. From year to year continues that Avanzanation always increasing.

With all the services it is only natural that Toyota still leads the national automotive market. Not only through the excellence of products, also with a quality after-sales service, customers who already have a Toyota will be eager to come back to buy a Toyota. This is one of Toyota's vision of marketing that want to attract and retain their customers for life.

When it comes to consumers, they demand changes from time to time. So Toyota have to always keep watching what the consumer wants. If Toyota base business on what the customer wants, there's no end to the improvement that Toyota can achieve.