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40 Million Negotiable

Banjarbaru City

Ariesetiadi553 Ariesetiadi553
  • 25,000 Km

Volkswagen Beetle-Classic 1968 berwarna Emas ini memiliki nilai yang luar biasa dengan harga hanya Rp 40000000. Kendaraan ini memiliki sistem transmisi Manual dan sudah berjalan sejauh 30000 KM s...

54 Million Negotiable

South Jakarta

adhy juniardhani
  • 180,000 Km

This Orange colored Volkswagen Beetle-Classic 1303 1974 is a fantastic deal at just IDR 54000000. It comes with a Manual transmission system and has 180000km on the clock. This is a bargain you ...

65 Million Negotiable

North Jakarta City

Budiprakosoarief Budiprakosoarief
  • 100,000,000 Km

Volkswagen Beetle-Classic 15 th1968 spesial edition warna Merah ini merupakan tawaran menarik dengan harga hanya Rp 65000000. Kendaraan ini datang dilengkapi dengan sistem transmisi Manual dan ju...

50 Million Drive Away


You Rock Soul
  • 12,000 Km

Volkswagen Beetle-Classic vw kodok 1974 1200/74 ini sangat murah dengan hanya seharga Rp 50000000. Kilometernya masih cukup rendah yaitu 12000 KM dan sistem transimisinya menggunakan Manual serta...

185 Million Negotiable


  • 100,000 Km

Volkswagen Beetle-Classic 1969 Ls Sliding roof ini sangat murah dengan hanya seharga Rp 185000000. Kilometernya masih cukup rendah yaitu 100000 KM dan sistem transimisinya menggunakan Manual sert...

55 Million Negotiable


Barongwilly Barongwilly
  • 2,147,483,647 Km

This Volkswagen Beetle-Classic 1969 is a steal at just IDR 55000000. It has 1000000000000km on the clock and comes with a Manual transmission system as well as other great features. You will be...

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Keep the Volkswagen Brand Fanaticism

Volkswagen Cars Indonesia

VOLKSWAGEN or more popularly known as VW have an unique in both design and technology. So, do not be surprised if it also has a fanaticism of fans with no less unique than the vehicle itself. Actually, based on some literature or history books, VW entered Indonesia through the United Nations along with the help of communicable diseases that occurred in the 1950s and 1960s. Beginning with a variant of the VW Beetle aka Kodok and the VW Kombi.

Assembled Local

Then in the early 1970s, VW was victorious in Indonesia. Its products include the VW Kombi, Safari/181, Passat, and Golf. Kombi itself at that period consist with three kinds of models, namely the VW Kombi Germany, VW Kombi Brazil and VW Mitra.

Currently VW models in Indonesia is not only closely related to the consumer who has the personality of young people in the 1970s or flowers generation, but has evolved to follow the trend design. For example, the products sold are the Volkswagen Polo, Scirocco 1.4 TSI, Scirocco R, Offroad Tiguan, and Touran TSI, as well as the Caravelle type.

In Indonesia, Volkswagen also strengthen by their flagship model in the hatchback segment with locally assembled such as Golf TSI. With completely knocked down (CKD) cars, VW became more competitive for fixing the price. In addition to adding new products, Volkswagen in Indonesia also provide aftersales services such as dealer and the best service for consumers.

Volkswagen for sale

Original German Engineers

The advantages of a Volkswagen dealership that located in Indonesia is that dealer connected directly to the computer technology in VW head quarter in Germany. So if that any problems on VW cars in Indonesia, that cars can be directly recorded in head quarter.

That not all, Volkswagen technicians could also imported directly from Germany, to provide immediate solutions to the problems on vehicles coming into the VW repair shop in Indonesia. Indonesia can be seen in his own car in the VW Kodok is very much in demand by the people of Indonesia.

As the times flies by, VW always create innovative products to meet the needs of the consumers all over the world. That strategy can also been seen in a lot of variants of the VW product and the evolution of the VW beetle or VW Kodok from the past until now.

Obviously the designers drew enormous inspiration from the Beetle, and it is nice to know that although Volkswagen appear to try there hardest to forget about their origins they cannot.