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80 Million On-site Finance Available


  • 150,000 Km

Hobda city 2006 idsi at kondisi bagua siap pakai tdp 10jt angs 47 x 2.3jt Kendaraan ini dijual di Carmudi dengan harga yang bersaing dan kondisi yang berkualitas. Hubungi langsung penjual melalui...


160 Million On-site Finance Available


  • 30,000 Km

Daihatsu Xenia X 2016 great ini sangat murah dengan hanya seharga Rp 160000000. Tdp 10jt angs 47 x 4.9jt Kilometernya masih cukup rendah yaitu 30000 KM dan sistem transimisinya menggunakan Manual...


90 Million On-site Finance Available


  • 80,000 Km

Nissan Serena CT 2008 at kondisi bagus body mulua mesin halus tdp 8jt angs 47 x 3jt,Kendaraan ini dijual di Carmudi dengan harga yang bersaing dan kondisi yang berkualitas. Hubungi langsung penju...


130 Million On-site Finance Available


  • 100,000 Km

Toyota innova 2007 G 2.0cc at. kondisi bagus sekali siap pakai tdp 25jt angsuran 47 x 3.3jt Jangan lupa menyebut Carmudi ketika Anda menghubungi penjualnya.,Kendaraan ini dijual di Carmudi dengan...

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Low Multi-Purpose Vehicle Attraction

Cars for Sale

CARS for the mid low family or commonly known as a low multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) are the largest market share in Indonesia. This segment offers consumer demand for large capacity family car, with three rows of characters that is ideal with consumers in Indonesia who likes to drive with friends and relatives.

Segment MPV in Indonesia

As the sales backbone of the national automotive industry, low MPV class is still dominate by Japanese manufacturers, such as Toyota, Daihatsu and Suzuki. Just watch Toyota through their variant Avanza, Daihatsu with Xenia and Suzuki with Ertiga which began skyrocketing in recent times.

That not all, recent years Honda also play in the MPV segment. With the variant name Mobilio, Honda car prices will compete with incumbents in the MPV class. Besides the price, the Honda will also be armed with attractive appearance and full features for a lower-class MPV.

Buy Sell Cars

Cars in Indonesia

In addition to the new car price competition, the effects of skyrocketing growth of lower-class MPV make used car business is also more passionate. With the arrival of new players in the class, this MPV segment is become more dynamics, the transaction of buying and selling cars appeared enthusiastic.

When consumers get bored with the old MPV, a new MPV presence with competitive prices with the previous MPV models, consumers can quickly eager to replace with the new one. That condition can impact in used car population, surely it increased and consumers were flooded with the high quality of used cars. Along with it, the process of buying and selling used cars also develop more and more.

Used Car Pricing Options

In big cities like Jakarta and surrounding areas, used car demand continues to increase. Besides being used for personal purposes, it’s sometimes used cars been use for business purposes. In order to provide economic value, the consideration used car prices a top priority for prospective buyers.

Example, if the buyer wants to have a used Toyota Avanza, the prices it could be in the range of Rp120-150 million for 2011 and 2012 production. Then the price of a used car Suzuki Ertiga, if consumers want to get a used car output in 2012 and 2013, can be obtained at a price range of Rp130​-150 million.

Those estimation of the prices can be your guideline to buy suitable an MPV used car, although your decision is always depending to your actually need of cars. For surely MPV car favorite with affordable price you can search in Carmudi Indonesia site. Good luck and enjoy visiting our site!