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What types of vehicles can I purchase with an Auto Loan?

You may purchase new or used vehicles via an Auto Loan. For used vehicles, you may apply for vehicles not older than 2007.

What are the terms and loan amounts for an Auto Loan?

Our partner banks will approve loan amounts of up to 80% of the appraised vehicle price. Downpayment may be as low as 20% of vehicle price, based on approval. Terms of your approved loan may be as long as 60 months.

Am I eligible for an Auto Loan?

You are eligible if you are a Filipino Citizen, who is 21-59 years of age at loan maturity. For 60 years old and above, a co-borrower (59 and below years of age) will be needed. Foreign nationals, corporations and partnerships may also apply for an auto loan as well.

What are the requirements for an Auto Loan?

The requirements for an auto loan is a fully accomplished application form and income documents (based on your employment). For used cars, your preferred unit must be disclosed as well.


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